We have equipped our 2 surgeries with Adec 500 chairs. These are top of the line chairs from the USA and are well reknown for their comfort and quietness. The next time you visit our surgery, don't be surprised if you fall asleep during a procedure.

Surgery 1

Digital X-ray:

Our digital X-ray system from Dürr Dental delivers extremely high quality images. This system offers images with one of the highest resolutions on the market. It gives us the ability to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

durr vista



We use Clincheck to give you a preview of what we can achieve with your smile through Invisalign. The 3D modelling gives the patient a full view of all the teeth and allows them to be active in the treatment planning stage.



Intraoral Camera:

Intraoral cameras allows you to see what is happening inside your mouth. By showing you what our dentists see, it will help you better understand your current situation so that you can make an informed decision.

intra oral camera


Cone Beam CT:

This imaging modality is a very useful tool that enables us to see through the jaws in 3D. It is an essential tool for procedures such as implant placement, difficult extractions and locating pathology.